Why Mind Body Community (MBC)? At MBC we’re passionate about the potential of CBD to be a positive influence in people’s lives. However, we realized that the CBD and cannabis market is a confusing place. There’s a lot of inaccurate information and low quality products. MBC is here to help:

Opening Minds to help people learn about CBD and cannabis

Healing Bodies represents the premium CBD products that we list

Growing Communities is our commitment to donate 10% of our profits to good causes within the industry

The explosion of the CBD sector has led to hundreds, maybe thousands of new products entering the market. So how do you know who to listen to, which products are safe & effective, and which brands to trust?

A recent study showed more than 60% of CBD products had inaccurate levels of CBD or THC compared with their stated concentration.

At MBC we’ve met with, and continue to meet Europe’s leading CBD suppliers, so we can provide an informative site with high quality, lab-tested products.


Moving forward we will continue to put our customers first, by:

  • Providing the latest industry news regarding health and global legalization
  • Monitoring the industry so we provide the highest quality range of CBD products
  • Identifying non-profit organizations who we can financially support

We hope you can join our community at MBC!

Stephen Turner

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Stephen Turner

Co-founder & CEO

Having struggled with a combination of sports injuries and insomnia, Stephen has found that CBD offers him a great alternative to some of the strong & addictive medication often prescribed.

Colton Thomas

Colton Thomas


Growing up in the US, Colton is acutely aware of the social damage caused by the war on cannabis. MBC represents an opportunity to redress the balance by building an ethical CBD platform.

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Tajdar Chaudry

Co-Founder & Head of Digital Marketing

TJ’s mission at MBC is to help spread the word about building a responsible CBD industry, and helping establish Mind Body Community as a clear voice for both consumers and suppliers.