Which CBD product to choose?

So with the first half of a very strange 2020 already disappearing in the rear view mirror, the MBC team take a look back over all of our new product arrivals. We’ll be combining our personal knowledge of a products composition and that of user experience, from customers who have bought, used and provided feedback.

Best CBD Oil for a first-time user

Without a doubt the most competitive category with great entrants from all of our suppliers; Circle Labs, Nordic, fourfivecbd, Blossom and Safe CBD. Both Blossom and fourfivecbd provide flavored CBD oils for those customers who prefer to start their CBD journey with a familiar taste, citrus or mint with Blossom or orange with fourfivecbd. Both also provide a natural flavored oils as well. Safe CBD’s oil is at the other end of the spectrum, it’s darker with a fuller flavor. It is without a doubt an extremely well manufactured product with real full spectrum of cannabinoids, but the strong flavor can be an acquired taste. The remaining two are Nordic’s 500mg natural oil and Circle Labs 300mg; both have a golden color and light taste. The Nordic CBD oil is a little stronger while Circle Labs have a unique extraction technique – potentially the best quality CBD oil in the market right now. We couldn’t decide so decided to give them both a gold medal!

Winner: Circle Labs | 300mg | 15ml / Nordic | 500mg | 10ml

Best mid-strength CBD oil?

This is a straight shoot out between Blossom’s 1000mg 10% Broad Spectrum CBD oil and fourfivecbd’s 2000mg 6.7% CBD oil. Price-wise they come in at 6p and 5p per mg of CBD respectively so not a great difference there. The Blossom oil is a zero THC CBD oil which can be a pro or a con depending on your preference, while the fourfivecbd is a full spectrum product (less than 0.2% THC). What we like with the fourfivecbd product is the option of both orange or natural flavour as well as the spray applicator – allowing for easy and mess-free usage, so our gold medal is going to George Kruis and the fourfivecbd team!

Winner: fourfivecbd | 2000mg | 30ml

Best high-strength CBD oil

Here we have an all Nordic CBD affair as the only one of our partners serving up CBD oil stronger than 10%, with two 15% options and one 20% variant. Coming in at £109, the 20% maybe a little heavy-weight both from a concentration and price point of view for everyone’s taste. Nordic CBD’s two 15% offerings come as a natural variant, and one infused with circumin and piperine designed to maximize the oils anti-inflammatory potential. Despite the potential health benefits of the circumin and piperine infusion, our customers have come down firmly on the side of the natural flavor option. While we are not allowed to make categorical claims about CBD products, our customers have reported improved sleep and a reduction in symptoms from chronic pain after using both of these oils. Gold medal winner is Nordic’s 15% natural CBD oil!

Winner: Nordic | 1500mg (natural) | 10ml

Best flavored CBD oil

Blossom and fourfivecbd dominate the race here….Blossom providing two entry level broad spectrum CBD oils (300mg / 3%) in both citrus and mint flavors, while fourfivecbd provide their orange variant on all their full spectrum CBD oil variants: 500, 1000, and 2000mg. As the quality of both companies products is impeccable we’re focusing purely on taste, and having tried all 3 we’re handing out our prestigious first place to Blossom’s Mint CBD oil.

Winner: Blossom | 300mg (mint) | 10ml

Best 0% THC CBD oil

While this is once again a dual between Blossom and fourfivecbd our early pace-setter and ultimate winner is fourfivecbd’s 1000mg 3.3% oil. fourfivecbd’s products are designed by athletes for athletes,  and as with all their oils, comes in a long lasting 30ml bottle complete with a spray applicator which we think is perfect for easy and efficient use of your CBD product.

Winner: fourfivecb | 0% THC – 1000mg | 30ml

Best CBD capsules

This an almost impossible decision as three great products strive for our attention, and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. The Nordic capsules are infused with black cumin seeds for health, and ‘liposomal’ which helps your body to easily absorb the CBD. In the other corner fourfivecbd’s 600mg / 60 capsules are better value than their 300mg / 30 capsule offering. With prices too close to call we had to look for something else…fourfivecbd infuse their capsules with inulin so they release slowly in the body, while Nordic’s CBD capsules have a higher quality coating. This is a genuine coin toss so equal first!

Winner: Nordic | 384mg | Capsules / fourfivecbd | 600mg | Capsules

Best topical CBD

We finish this summers CBD tournament with a sprint finish of epic proportions. Setting the pace is Circle Labs Pain Stick, as mentioned above Circle Labs have arguably the highest quality CBD production process in the industry so this is a great entry, and like fourfivecbd’s muscle rub is easy to apply to any part of the body. As sports people ourselves (and one’s with plenty of legacy injuries) this category is of real interest and we love both of those products. However, charging up the back straight like the track was made of burning coals is fourfivecbd’s Thermal Joint Gel! Already our #1 selling product, this is a unique infusion of CBD, arnica, glucosamine, magnesium and capsicum extract. Once again we can only report what our customers tell us (and our personal experience agrees) that this is a great for before and after sport, and may also help reduce arthritic pain. A worthy champion!!

fourfivecbd | Thermal Joint Gel | 100ml

We’ve taken the time to carefully choose our suppliers and have total confidence in the quality and safety of all the CBD products available at Mind Body Community, but we think you’ll find our winners enclosure to feature the best of the best. Enjoy!!