EMMAC Life Sciences Group (EMMAC) is Europe’s leading independent medical cannabis and wellness company, bringing together pioneering science and research with cutting-edge cultivation, extraction and production. With a unique network of supply and distribution partnerships throughout Europe, EMMAC’s vision is to bring the life-enhancing potential of cannabis to the people who need it.  EMMAC’s wellness brand, Blossom, based in Switzerland, embodies this commitment to trusted quality. Blossom’s mission is simple – to improve our customers’ quality of life by providing the highest quality cannabinoid products. Working with our customers, we are helping to change the way people think about CBD. Our values are simple; respect the land and the amazing products it produces, with a focus on quality and simplicity in order to bring the best natural products to our customers.
Why MBC lists EMMAC products
EMMAC believes that the growth of the cannabis sector has to be underpinned by the most robust science and is committed to advancing the future of cannabis therapeutics through the development of pharma-grade products and partnering with world-leading research institutions such as Imperial College London. MBC’s 3 pillars of Mind, Body and Community align well with EMMAC’s focus for driving positive advancements in the cannabis industry.
Why EMMAC choose MBC as their preferred Vendor site
EMMAC shares MBC’s commitment to helping change the way people think about CBD by providing science-led, transparent and informative online content around the ingredient and the cannabis industry in general. We look forward to shaping the course of the cannabis industry, positively, together.