Thousands of new cannabis jobs are being created…

In the US alone over 200,000 people are now hired in the cannabis industry and that number is only going up, whether in the US, Europe or around the world. Of that 200,000, 64,000 were added in 2018 alone. As the global deregulation dominoes fall, opportunities are arising right across the supply chain.

How could you find a cannabis job?

  • Farming
  • Oil extraction & production
  • Ware-housing
  • Medical research
  • Sales & marketing
  • Web design 

The legal cannabis industry has an estimated global value of $6-7bn as of 2018. This is expected to exceed $55bn by 2025 with massive opportunities in both the consumer and healthcare sectors.

There’s a temptation to see the industry in a fun or light-hearted way, but if you’re shooting for a new job in one of the world’s fastest growing sectors then its advised to treat an interview or opportunity as you would any other. Understand the differences between hemp, cannabis/marijuana, CBD and THC – what the current legal situation in your country is now, and how it may be changing in the near future.

Mind Body Community says:

As the industry is new, many companies are start ups and figuring out as they go along – so if you have a flexible attitude and can wear many hats then this could be the perfect opportunity for you!