60% of CBD products inaccurately labelled…

With hundreds of CBD products and brands hitting the market, one of the biggest issues people face is knowing which products are worth trying and which are really effective. From speaking with a wide range of customers and personal connections there’s a lot of confusion. This is intensified as many products are cheaply produced and marketed inaccurately – around 60% of CBD products have been found to have levels of CBD or THC different to their advertised quantity.

Lots of people are also trying CBD products without understanding concentrations and the difference between taking orally (oils and capsules) or using topically (cosmetics and muscle rubs). This generally results in a disappointing experience with expectations not matching to results. 

Sleep, stress, anxiety & pain…

Most people are using CBD as a natural remedy for treating sleep, stress, anxiety and pain. For almost everyone that means that an orally taken oil or capsule will be the best option. Like with traditional medicines such as ibuprofen, the efficacy is greater with tablets than topical gels or creams.

The benefit of using an Ibuprofen or Voltarol gel is that NSAID’s (non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory drugs) are quite harsh on the stomach and for many its simply not an option to be using them in high dose, or too frequently. This is not the case with CBD which is easily absorbed by the body and well tolerated – absorbing into the endocannabinoid system.

Be careful of topical CBD…

Topical CBD products are considered to be the least effective way for the body to absorb. It has to permeate the skin – and while there are CBD receptors in the skin, the efficacy compared to oral use is low. However, it can be directed at a specific pain point, but unless the product has been expertly manufactured, paying for really expensive cosmetic or pain relieving products can be really ineffective.

At MBC the cosmetic and skincare products we list from Blossom and Nordic use liposomal and niosome, these are agents that allow for much greater amounts of CBD to absorb and have been rigorously tested.

Why full spectrum oils and capsules are normally the best option…

Full spectrum CBD has generally been extracted via gentle methods that retain all of the cannabinoids (each of which have different health benefits). These oils and capsules are typically much more effective for helping with sleep or anxiety. I, along with many others have tried CBD from health food shops and found it totally ineffective. As soon as I started using our suppliers full spectrum oils I noticed an immediate difference. Just a few drops before bed and I could fall asleep and stay asleep much more easily. As in my bio I’ve had issues with insomnia since I was a teenager so this has been great for me. 

However, all full spectrum CBD products have a trace of THC (which in larger doses can result in the ‘high’ associated with cannabis). For those people wanting a ‘broad spectrum’ oil that’s 0% THC, then it’s really important to use a high quality one such as those produced by fourfivecbd (specifically for tested athletes) or Blossom’s range – Blossom’s parent company have medical cannabis licenses so we know their extraction techniques are market leading.

Why shop with MBC?

Our objective at MBC is to provide a limited market place of CBD products that should be effective for the vast majority of people. We’ve built our interactive buying guide to help new customers find the right starting point to avoid wasting money.

Premium CBD products are not cheap, but for many people they’re a better alternative than using strong anti-anxiety or sleeping medications. We hope as governments around the world relax their hyper-conservative anti-cannabis propaganda, sensible debate coupled with more research will mean a wide range of cannabis based products will become available.

The MBC Team are not scientists or doctors so please use the hyperlinks and always consult a doctor for persistent medical condition such as insomnia or anxiety. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message or email us!