There are a huge range of CBD products entering the market: CBD oils & sprays, CBD capsules, CBD vapes, CBD balms & muscle rubs, CBD waters, CBD infused foods, CBD bath bombs and more. As the industry explodes, manufacturers will look to take advantage and market any product as having the potentially beneficial properties of CBD:

  • Helping with sleep
  • Reducing anxiety, stress or depression
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Easing of symptoms relating to epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, arthritis

…the list of products and remedies is endless.
First of all it’s important to look at the types of products, as we have also done in our recent blog…

So why do MBC focus on a limited but high quality range of CBD products in our store:

CBD oils: the great thing with oil is that it can be taken easily via a dropper or spray and absorbed quickly into the body for a more immediate effect. At MBC we mainly list full spectrum CBD oils; this means that they retain the greatest possible number of cannabinoids with their respective medical properties. Our Circle Labs range use a very gentle extraction technique producing a high quality oil with unique CBDA option. CBDA has been provisionally shown to support anti-inflammation. Our Blossom range offers a wide range of concentrations to suit every persons individual sensitivity to CBD. 

0% THC CBD oils: while CBD has been removed from the banned substances list, THC has not. Full spectrum CBD products might result in a positive test for a competitive athlete, as they typically have up to 0.2% THC. fourfivecbd and Blossom both offer a range of suitable products.

CBD capsules: The benefit of CBD capsules is that they release slowly compared with oils. This is great for day time use (especially if CBD makes your drowsy), and also for anyone with a more sensitive stomach. 

CBD balms and muscle rubs: topical CBD products allow for direct application to a particular ache or pain. While the jury is still out on whether these products are as effective as orally taken oils or capsules, we have direct feedback from customers that they receive considerable pain relief.

CBD vapes: at MBC we do not stock CBD vapes due to the potential health risks. Until research or product development can categorically provide a safe product we prefer to keep our shop health focused

CBD edibles: we believe that if you are going to consume CBD it’s best to use an oil or capsule where you can measure exactly how much you put into your body. This is often not the case with other edible products. Equally cooking or processing CBD oil may reduce its effectiveness. So therefore not in our store.

CBD water: this is an area we are watching closely. CBD molecules are damaged by light so unless a bottle has a thick, dark or solid exterior like the CBD oils and capsules that we list, then it’s likely to be less effective.

MBC says:

To maximize the impact of your CBD product, try and look for products with a direct application. CBD oils and CBD capsules provide a measurable quantity so you can be sure what you are taking. Equally CBD balms or muscle rubs can be applied directly to an area of pain or injury. Products that look ‘fun’ or are CBD infused may well be expensive gimmicks trying to part you from your heard earned cash. At MBC we have met with all of our suppliers to ensure that we understand their production process. At MBC we value your health and as well as wanting to provide value for money, with products that you can use with confidence.