How to choose the right CBD product

With hundred’s of new CBD products hitting the market every week, how do you know which products to choose, how much to take and how to avoid gimmicks? Here will provide a helpful summary to guide you through the shopping process!

What is CBD oil?

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of over 100 compounds known as cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis plant, many of which are present in a ‘full spectrum’ CBD oil. The CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis-hemp plant which is then diluted with another oil as a carrier. Most commonly this is hemp seed oil which has its own health benefits.

CBD Oil extracted from a hemp plant typically has less than 0.2% THC (so no unwanted ‘high’) and is legal for sale across the UK and European Union.

CBD oil is rapidly being legalized all over the world which is allowing for more research demonstrating its potential health benefits, which you can find out more about in our Healing Bodies page or in our Blogs section.

What are the ways that you can use CBD Oil

There are several different ways to consume CBD oil, so finding the right one will make a big difference to the effectiveness and potential health impact

  • CBD oils: The great advantage of this method is that you can accurately measure your daily intake, and work out the amount that meets your needs. Most people start with around 20mg / approximately 0.5ml of oil and slowly increase from there. If you are using CBD to treat anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression or physical pain this will potentially be the most effective approach.
  • CBD capsules: Inulin infused capsules allow for the slow release of CBD which is great for more effective day-time use. The gentle release will minimize any drowsiness, and potentially counter pain or anxious feelings over a longer time period. CBD capsules are also precisely measured so mean you can be very accurate with your dosing.   
  • CBD Creams and balms: we would recommend trying these products for specific area’s of physical pain such as a knee sprain. There is strong evidence linking CBD with anti-inflammation. Also by using a topical (external) application the CBD is acting locally rather than passing through the entire body.
  • Cooking with CBD: while it may sound cool to create the hottest CBD recipe and trend on Pinterest, you may want to rethink your decision. Cooking with CBD may well reduce its effectiveness. If you want to add CBD oil to food, it is likely to be more effective if you add the oil directly onto a salad for example.  
  • CBD Edibles: while products such as gummies are all the rage in the US they often won’t have a specified amount of CBD in each one. Equally the manufacturing process may well damage the cannabinoids which are highly fragile.
  • 0% THC products: if you’re a tested athlete always use a CBD product that is clearly marked as 0% THC. While these products may not be quite as effective as a ‘full spectrum’ CBD oil they are permissible for use by all major sporting regulatory bodies.
  • Vaporized CBD Oil: Studies show that our bodies retain up to 50% of CBD when inhaled. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend this method. An increasing number of users are reporting serious, long-lasting damage including lung injury, so vaping CBD oil should not be considered the best option. MBC does not sell CBD vapes.

Things to watch out for…

  • Make sure the product contains CBD oil, not just hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil should be the carrier or ‘mixer’.
  • Check the quantity of actual CBD. At MBC we have CBD oils ranging from 1.67% to 24% in concentration, so consider what strength you want to use.
  • Try and use retail or online outlets that provide detailed product information. There are a lot of ‘non-specialist’ retail outlets, and badly made products so be careful.

MBC says:

When it comes to addressing any medical condition, we strongly advise consulting a doctor first. If you decide to use CBD oil begin with a low dose and monitor your reaction for a few days before increasing to find your optimal level.

At MBC we only stock high quality CBD products, so if you are deciding to try then check out our web-shop for best products and latest offers