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The 'war on cannabis' has had a devastating social impact, but momentum is changing

Environmental Impact

Small indoor grow-ops are extremely damaging to the environment due to the massive carbon footprint. A fully legalized and regulated industry will allow for optimal environmental production, which is a critical part of building green industries for the 21st century.


Farmers, especially in developing countries, have also been deprived of a valuable cash crop that would help to provide sustainable economic activity. This can provide a huge range of benefits for poorer countries. We believe that creating sustainable jobs is a better solution for economic development than charity.

Economic Cost

Incarceration has created a huge burden on the taxpayer (that’s you and me); cannabis prohibition in the US alone costs an estimated $20bn per year, while the annual ‘cost per prisoner’ in the UK is over 38,000 GBP. This is a huge and unnecessary waste of money, when we could be using tax revenues for social and environmental initiatives.

Lost Revenue

A legalized and regulated cannabis industry could, in the United Kingdom alone, net as much as £3.5bn through taxation. This is a real opportunity to turn a massive loss into a massive win.


Tens of thousands (predominantly young, low-income men) languish in prisons for the non-violent crime of possession or small-scale distribution of cannabis. The personal, social and economic effects of this have been catastrophic to the fabric of societies the world over. Supporting progressive legislation could change the lives of millions.

Organized Crime

Instead of contributing to the economy, billions of cannabis dollars are funneled into organized crime syndicates that deal in arms, people trafficking and harder narcotics. Progressive legalization can make the world a safer place for all of us.
As our business grows Mind Body Community will donate 10% of our profits directly into our partner organizations who are working to have a positive impact for people all over the world. It is critical that we raise awareness and take direct action – 'positive change one step at a time'.

At MBC we want to promote a transparent cannabis industry supported by medical research and progressive legalization.