And we all thought 2016 was a bad year…

Needless to say the last few weeks have been the strangest that many of us have lived through. And when things get a little weird, it’s important to have some central building blocks or foundations on which to ground yourself. When we set up Mind Body Community (MBC), we obviously couldn’t predict a global pandemic, but we wanted a stable business built on strong foundations – hence our 3 core pillars of Opening Minds – Healing Bodies – Growing Communities.

Opening Minds

While we were talking about opening peoples minds regarding the long-standing relationship between people and cannabis, an open mind is a massive help in the current crisis. From people suffering from anxiety and claustrophobia at home to the deplorable attacks on Asians in some Western countries, it’s clear that keeping calm and rational is going to be important. For sure, using CBD will be helpful for some people – but it’s far from being the only, or most important solution. To keep a clear head, how about downloading a meditation app – and using the extra time to see how it can have a positive effect on your sense of perspective and day to day mental balance. Headspace and Calm for beginners and Waking Up for those that like a challenge are well worth checking out. Free online courses are also a great way to stay focused and boost your skills, especially if you’ve been laid off.

Healing Bodies

While CBD is great for many things, it’s definitely not a cure for Covid, keeping fit is a much better option! Exercise boosts the immune system, produces endorphins and releases stress. If you can get out for a run that’s great, otherwise check out these high intensity home work-outs or think about investing in resistance bands. Keeping a ‘healthy body – healthy mind’ approach has rarely been more important.

Growing Communities

Unlike some of our politicians who would rather fund tax cuts for the wealthy, than a well-funded healthcare system, at MBC we believe that we really are all in this together. Whether it’s creating jobs and cash from a legalized cannabis industry or banding together to support the weakest in our society during a global pandemic. It’s up to all of us to stay home, volunteer to help the most vulnerable (if we can), and to recognize that a virus doesn’t care about your skin color or religion – only that you’re human. Hopefully, when this is over we’ll remember that we’re a local – global community and we work best when we work together.

Stay Mindful – Stay Healthy – Stay Connected

Team MBC