fourfivecbd Capsules | 600mg | (60)

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Mid-strength slow release capsules. Ideal for day-time relief from stress or pain as well as an undisturbed nights sleep.

We’ve created our capsules for people who want to experience the benefits of cbd for a more prolonged period. They are perfect for taking before work to get those cbd benefits throughout your busy day, or, for helping you stay healthy and active.

Our capsules contain high-quality, full-spectrum, CO2 extracted cannabis extract. We infuse them with inulin powder. This means you can digest it easier and it lasts for longer. We then capping the cbd in vegetable capsules so they are easy to take. Our capsules are easy-to-use and slower to absorb than our cbd oils. They are ideal for when you need cbd in your system over a longer period of time. We’ve designed them to help you support and maintain an active lifestyle.

Download the Lab Report here.

Additional information


Full Spectrum CBD Extract


60 capsules




600mg Cannabidol




CBD Extract (whole plant), Non-GMO MCT, Natural Flavoring


Natural food supplement


Lab-tested / Vegan / Non GMO / Organic


This is a natural food supplement and is not intended to treat or prevent a specific medical condition. Side effects can include drowsiness or diarrhea.

1 review for fourfivecbd Capsules | 600mg | (60)

  1. Andrew

    This has helped me get a good nights sleep for the firs time in years, a great prooduct and a great service.

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