Nordic Oil Capsules | 384mg | (60)

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Medium strength slow release capsules for those new to CBD. Ideal for day-time relief from stress or pain as well as an undisturbed nights sleep.

Liposomal CBD capsules: Our Liposomal CBD Softgels with black cumin seed oil is an exclusive Nordic Oil product made with a formula that enhances the effect of the CBD. The softgels contain Liposomal CBD, which means that the CBD in the capsules is combined with ‘liposomes’ that allow for easy and quick absorbtion of the CBD into the body.

  • One package contains 3 blister strips each containing 20 capsules (60 in total)
  • 6.4 mg CBD per capsule (equivalent to approx. one drop of 15% CBD oil)
  • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for optimal entourage effect
  • Liposomal-formula to improve absorption up to 3 times
  • Suitable for micro-dosing to standard-dosing
  • New formula with black cumin seed oil (nigella sativa)
  • Small-size and soft gelatin make it easier to use
  • Laboratory-tested premium quality


*All UK orders will be Nordic CBD: identical product with UK specific branding.

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Additional information


Full Spectrum CBD Extract


60 capsules




384mg Cannabidol




Capsule: Gelatin, glycerin, water, colourings, vegetable carbon (E153). Capsule contains: Black cumin seed oil, maltodextrin, lecithin (from GMO-free soy), Cannabis leaf extract, hemp wax.


Natural food supplement


Lab-tested / Non GMO / Organic


This is a natural food supplement and is not intended to treat or prevent a specific medical condition. Side effects can include drowsiness or diarrhea.

1 review for Nordic Oil Capsules | 384mg | (60)

  1. Janice Shaw (verified owner)

    Very friendly service with helpful discussion much appreciated.
    Delivery was quick and efficient.
    Having used these capsules, along with a gel, I found it as effective in keeping knee pain manageable when hiking,
    as my usual double dose of iboprufen. Plus, I felt it was a safer alternative.

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