fourfivecbd Oil 0% THC | 30ml | 1000mg

Our 0% thc cbd oil is the only product in the world to be tested for cross-contamination of banned substances. Independent testing by two 3rd party laboratories guarantees its safe use for athletes.

We created this oil due to demand from fellow pro athletes. We’ve seen the benefits of using cbd, but understandably, athletes are concerned with the source of their cbd and whether it could cause them to fail a drug test.

Now, professional athletes subject to drug testing can enjoy the benefits that cbd can offer. Our oil is the safest and most rigorously tested cbd product available in the world.

As always, our quick-absorbing cbd oils are made with 100% natural ingredients. Our process of CO2 extraction means the highest available quality is packed in to every drop of fourfivecbd oil. Each 30ml bottle contains around 240 sprays. Designed to help you support and maintain an active lifestyle.

Download the Lab Report here.

Additional information


Broad Spectrum CBD Extract






1000mg Cannabidol




CBD Extract (whole plant), Non-GMO MCT, Natural Flavoring


Lab-tested / Vegan / Non GMO / Organic


This is a natural product and is not intended to treat or prevent a specific medical condition. Side effects can include drowsiness or diarrhea.


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